Custom Metal Stamping Services
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Custom Metal Stamping Services - Medium to High-Volume Production

QINGDAO RXTAI CO.,LTD.’ custom metal stamping services deliver precision metal stampings from prototype through production quantities. We run stampings up to .188” thick, but our specialty is high-volume, tight tolerance, precision stampings in a variety of materials from .003”-.060” thick. Our presses have full feed lines and are die sensor protection ready. We run nearly 60 million stampings per year at a 98% on time delivery rate.

Our production stamping methods include progressive and single hit dies, using materials such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, carbon, stainless steels and exotic metals. We have expertise in deep draw, mandrel, blanking, cam dies, transfer, louvering, insertion and rolled seam dies, among others. Our press capabilities range from 30 to 200 tons. Parts are fully inspected using vision systems, optical comparators, CMM equipment and functional gages.RXTAI serves industries including aerospace, defense, medical and electronics, for applications such as heat transfer products, military components and electronic assemblies.

Other advantages include:

In-house tooling, gage and fixture building

As experts in carbide,RXTAI has increased the run times of many of our tools between sharpenings. This saves you money on die maintenance and part costs.

Full PM program for our equipment and tooling

Inspection processes capable of first article, PPAP, collecting CPK data, lot controlling and functional checks

With CNC Machining, Fabrication, CNC Grinding, Wire EDM and secondary support presses,RXTAI can be a single source for your assembly and sub-assembly needs.
Get us involved early and we will help you spend your money wisely.

QINGDAO RXTAI CO.,LTD is ISO 9001:2008 and TS 16949 certified. To learn more about our services contact us today or see the links below.

General Capabilities
Prototype Stampings
Production Metal Stamping
High Speed Metal Stamping
Precision Metal Stamping
Progressive Die Stamping
High Quality, Complex, Tight
     Tolerance Stamping
Low-volume Prototypes to High- 
     volume Progressive Dies
Taking Over Existing
     Stamping Projects
Production Method Used
Progressive Dies, Tooling
Mandrel Dies, Tooling
Blanking Dies, Cam Dies
Piercing, Notching, Trimming, 
Stippling, Lancing, Louvering
Bending, Forming
Coining, Staking
Semi-Perf, Extrusion, Extrude
Blank & Pushback, 
     Compound Dies
Feed Dual Material Strips 
    in one Die
Deep Drawn, Draw Dies
Rolled, Seams, Clinched
High-speed Equipment
High-speed Presses
Press Brake
Value Added Services
Special Packaging
In-Die Tapping
Hardware Insertion
PEM Insertion
Assembly, Sub-Assembly
Press Automation
Production Work Cells
Assembly Work Cells
Quick Change Capabilities
Automatic Coil Handling
Expertise in high-volume carbide 
     cutting inserts (WEDM Carbide link)
Presses and Tooling Monitored
     by Protection Sensors
Problem-solving, Working
     with Your Engineers
Efficient Inventory Tracking
     and Lot Controlling
98% On-time Delivery
Tracked KPIs (Key 
     Performance Indicators)
Press Rating30 to 200 tons
Max Press Speed600 SPM
Maximum Press Stroke.5 to 9.75 in
Maximum Press Bed Length95 in
Maximum Press Bed Width33 in
Part Thickness.003 to .188 in
Tolerance (+/-)Less than .0005 in
Materials Used
Aluminum, 7075, 6061, 5052
Clad materials
Carbon Steels, HRS, CRS, LCS
Beryllium Copper
Phosphorous Bronze, Phosphor 
     Bronze, Phos Bronze
Exotic Metals
  • Inconel

  • Kovar

Precious Metals
Stainless Steel, SS
Sensitive Materials
Shelf Life Materials
Typical Stamping Products
  • Heat Transfer Products, Headers, Baffles, Tank, Return Tank, Coolant Divider, Header Tube, Header Pipe, Oil Cooler, Air Cooler, Separator Sheet, Corrugated Plates, Thermal Plates, Flange Plate, Base Tube Plate, End Plate, Side, Latching Post, Dimpled, Braze Fixture, Center Frame, End Frame, Skidder Header, Channel, Nose Blocker, Clinched Assembly, Reinforcing Plate, Turbulator, Fluid Plate, Aluminum braze sheets, Header bars, Face bars, Clad materials, Half Tubes, Round Tube Headers, Tank Headers, Flange Headers, Mandrel Pierced Round Tube Headers, Radiators, Condensers, Plate Coolers.

  • Fuse Components, Fuze Components, Probe Cap, Cap, Ordinance Components, Munitions Components, Timing Components

  • Brackets, Kovar Flexure Ring, Kovar Ground Shield, Kovar Lead, Arc runner, Leads, Lead Frame, Terminals, Connectors, Electrical Components, Solenoid Bodies, Electric Resistance Stampings, Nikrothal Stampings, Thermocouple Stampings, Armature Shaft Clips, Back-Up Washer, Pad Holder, Rib Plate, Bearing Cover, Seal Plate, Backing Plate, Stud Plate, Retainer Pad, Cam Bar, Cam Lever, Backing Plate, Cover Plate, Copper Shields, Brake Components, Retainer Springs, Flat Springs, Spring Bracket, C-Frames, Frames, Armatures, Lock Components, Cans, Cases, Enclosures, Lever, Thermostat, Assemblies, Sub-Assemblies, Retainer Ring, Flared Tubes, Disc, Brush Back, Broom Head, Gears, Seats, Spring Seats, Retainers, Drawn Cups, Exhaust Flanges, Gaskets, Battery Terminals, Brush Terminals, Running dual materials in one part, Running two strips, Combine two materials in one part.

In-House Additional Services
Needs Assessment
One-stop Project Management
Multiple Production 
Manufacturing Processes
CNC Machining
PEM Insertion
Hardware Insertion
Spot Welding
Special Packaging
Die Building
Die Maintenance 
Die PM Programs
Press PM programs
Subcontracted Additional Services
Heat Treating
Double Disc Grinding
Part Washing
Water Jet
Production Volume

Prototype through Production
Medium to Long-Run

Expertise in High-volume 
     Carbide Cutting Inserts
     (WEDM Carbide link)