Appliances and foodservice equipment
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Industries - Appliances and Foodservice Equipment

Appliances and Foodservice Equipment

Commercial and residential foodservice equipment and appliance manufacturers look to QINGDAO RXTAI CO.,LTD. to help them meet production goals and lower their cost per part. 

RXTAI works closely with our customers’ engineering teams to deliver cost-effective solutions, whether they need basic metal components or extremely complex, challenging finished products.

From prototype through production, including shipping finished products to your warehouse, RXTAI serves as one shop for all production metal parts. 

Our metal parts and components are found in appliances such as:







·Small Appliances

·Washing Machine

·Clothes Drier

If you need assistance in getting your finished products to market quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible, contact us.

Example Projects

Foodservice Equipment Takeover

A customer needed outside support to take over an internal production line which was making foodservice equipment from #4 brushed stainless steel.
RXTAI took the project in-house and supplied laser cutting, punching, forming, welding, assembly, testing and managing purchased components.
The goal was to have this lined up and running concurrent with customer operations within 4 months.

In just 8 weeks, RXTAI’s engineering team gathered all current process information and began producing product, including UL approval.
We now ship the full volume directly to the customer’s warehouse. We fully assemble the units at our facility, including serialization, functional testing and Hipot testing.
This allowed our customer to shift internal resources to other projects without any disruption in monthly shipments.
Our 3-shift capacity has allowed us to meet current delivery volumes as well as handle a recent 8% increase in volume.

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