Column:INDUSTRY Time:2017-08-09

RXTAI proudly serves its military, defense and aerospace customers with precision metal parts and on-time delivery. RXTAI has extensive experience building tooling and supplying production parts to the arming, timing and fuze delay industry. 

For years, our military has relied on RXTAI as one shop for all their production metal parts. With our extensive experience in the machining of forgings and castings, as well as metal stamping and sheet metal fabrications,

RXTAI is known as a top supplier for the military industry.RXTAI is accustomed to meeting military specifications and other industry standards.

Our experience in the military, defense and aerospace industries includes prototyping, die stamping, tool building and maintenance, extensive testing and inspection, and many other services. We are ISO 9001 certified and TS 16949 certified registered.

Example Projects

Defense Industry Chassis Cover

This part was created using our CNC punching machine. The corners were welded and ground smooth and then this part was sent out for plating per our customer's specifications.